Ultimate Comprehensive Guide for Dry Brushing

If you love your Mason Pearson or Denman brush to achieve shiny hair, it’s time to add another brush to your beauty routine: the dry brush. However, instead of being used on your hair, a dry brush is used on your body.

This ancient peeling technique has its roots in Ayurveda (the medical system of ancient India) and is an indispensable method for maintaining radiant and beautiful skin. Practised by celebrities, editors and lovers of natural beauty, dry brushing removes dead skin cells on your body and promotes blood circulation. It is a gentle form of body peeling that resembles an invigorating massage and can be performed from the comfort of your own home.

In advance, we have selected the 5 best dry brushes that you can incorporate into your routine.

Best Overall: Kate McLeod’s the Dry Brush

The Kate McLeod dry brush has a round, easy-to-grip handle (made of durable wood) that nestles easily in the palm of your hand. The round shape of the brush reflects the brand’s body stone, a solid body moisturizer perfect for post-drying brushing sessions. In addition, the bristles of this brush are softer than most others and contain a mixture of horsehair and firm, but soft sisal. Pro tip: make sure to store this brush outside the shower so that it does not warp.

Most user-friendly: Goop G. Tox Ultimate dry brush

A body brush that provides intensive exfoliation and makes the baby’s skin smooth and invigorated. Further information: dry brushing is an essential step for the visible clarification of the skin. This brush provides intensive exfoliation and leaves the skin energized and revitalized. It is made of natural, biodegradable sisal fibers from the agave plant and an ergonomic handle that facilitates access to hard-to-reach places.

Best for sensitive skin: Dr. Barbara Sturm the Body Brush (Soft)

This dry brush, thanks to its extra soft and soft bristles, is ideal if you have slightly irritated or sensitive skin. For an even softer touch, the brand also recommends using it in the shower on wet skin. It comes with a tight-fitting strap to make sure it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, so you can polish your body perfectly.

Best Madness: golden Carrera Marble Body Brush

Just as we want to gravitate towards shiny outdoor makeup products, we do the same for our beauty tools. For a brush that looks just as good as in your bathroom because it exfoliates your skin, opt for the Carrera Body Brush. The dry brush opts for marble instead of wood and uses stone from the Carrera mountains outside Italy to make the structure of the brush. In addition, the bristles are cruelty-free and the brand promises an annual refresh of the brush in matter of hair loss.

Best budget: Ecotools Dry Body Brush

Do you want something economical that is always sustainable and functional? This dry brush from Ecotools is the answer. With synthetic bristles, this brush removes dullness and dead skin cells, helping you to release a smoother, more radiant skin. Note that the hair is a little stronger than other options, so if you are looking for a deeper peeling, this is the way to go.

If you want to learn more about this practice, we talked with Kate McLeod, the founder of her eponymous brand, to better understand what exactly dry brushing is, how to do it right and whether it is right for you.

How Can I Dry The Brush?

Dry brushing works best right before showering or bathing; this way you can rinse off any flaking that has accumulated on the surface of the skin. Start with dry skin and work your brush like this:

Step one: start at your ankles, place the brush on your skin and move it in a circular motion with short, gentle movements as you move the body up to your heart.

Step Two: Apply light pressure in areas with thin skin and more pressure on thicker areas such as the soles of the feet, knees and elbows.

Step Three: Keep brushing your body and stop right under your neck. Take a shower or bath to remove dry skin.

Step Four: Then dry and moisturize the skin with your favorite body lotion or body oil.

Pro tip: when you start dry brushing, start by applying the gentlest pressure your skin can withstand. “Heavy peeling is not the goal,” says McLeod. “Experiment and find out what feels good.”As for the time you have to spend on a single session? McLeod recommends two to five minutes each for glowing skin.

How Often Should I Dry The Brush?

The jury is not sure how often you should brush dry, but the consensus seems to be once or twice a week. After all, the peeling process can make the skin a little raw, so it’s best to distribute the sessions so that your dermis can rest and rejuvenate. After learning what works best for your body, you can include the exercise as little or as much as you want. “I love the way it feels and the results it produces. I recommend doing what suits your body. Listen to your skin. It can be a daily exercise or an occasional treat,” McLeod adds.

When Should I Avoid Dry Brushing?

Although dry brushing is completely natural and free of hard-to-pronounce ingredients (it’s just a brush, after all), it’s not for everyone. If you suffer from keratosis pilaris, eczema, psoriasis, acne-prone skin, or have just returned from baking in the sun (seriously, do not do this), avoid dry brushing. in addition, if you have an open or inflamed wound, wait until it has completely healed before brushing your skin dry.