Return to Basics For Fall Designers Conquered

This season you can wear anything. No, really, we really mean it this way: no more micro-minis flying over hips, underwear as outerwear, ankle-breaking wedge heels-as those who have resisted them have learned, these mixtures only work in a digital universe. This time, designers carefully thought about the real life of people, not their feeds—and the fashion trends of autumn 2023 that we are following reflect this reality.

The back-to-work style and the out-of-duty racing outfits were a clear goal, all of which were connected by thoughtful design flourishes that made these everyday moments seem like new again. What a good time to be alive, shopping today’s trends also means giving your wardrobe pieces that will last forever. Our editors and stylists, who are all textbook essentialists, couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

While much of the product doesn’t hit stores until the fall, we’ve highlighted the best pieces you can buy ahead of the season, including the found pieces that can now be pre-ordered.

Brandon Maxwell, Alaïa and Hermes had swollen collars, trousers and soles. The latter is the most surprising, and his presence at Khaite and Gucci made us think: furry sandals will be everywhere in September. Texture is a surefire way to make an otherwise calm look opulent without resorting to glitter and glamor.

Our choice: Fendi’s Wideband slides

While we are waiting for Khaite’s fluffy strappy sandals to hit the stores, these Fendi slides have our full approval. (I’m a little biased-I was lucky enough to wear them personally, and I can testify to their excellent fit and style.

Go back to work, but Relax About It

After all, people return to the office-and the looks at the rotation from New York to Paris reflect this. Peplum knits on poplin tops, blazers with careless fasteners and bold shoulders were everywhere. Below the waist, leather bermuda shorts and loose ankle boots add a little lightness. Together, the 2023 version of workwear feels well-suited for today’s office environments-less stiff, more fluid.

Our choice: Givenchy Crêpe Blazer

Because there is never a wrong time to invest in a good blazer. Tailored cuts overshadow the boxy cuts of past seasons-and as such, the Givenchy crêpe blazer feels just in time. Wear it with a crisp button (Proenza Scouler) at your desk and swap it for drinks in a low tank top (à la Saint Laurent) when the clock strikes five.

Scarves, But Formalize It

After all, it’s autumn, so scarves of all kinds are likely to appear once or twice. (Or ten.) It’s not just the scarf, in this matter it’s the evening-centered and appropriate situation that takes this trend to another dimension. While each of the above scarves varies in width and texture, they have one thing in common: they are completely useless in their bare-arm environments, which makes their decorative intent all the more exciting. Consider them a safe addition to your autumn evening wardrobe.

Our choice: Saint Laurent Skinny Scarf

Why wait? Take a step ahead of this fashion trend in autumn 2023 with the skinny Saint Laurent scarf in black. The best part: there is a guarantee that it will fit with all the LBDS that are already hanging in your closet. We love to see him styled behind both shoulders and shaving just the front of the neck like a choker would do.

White jeans and T-shirts – the official uniform of rest

It’s funny when jeans and a white top are revolutionary—and yet they are at this moment. After seasons when this and the glitter from this are interwoven (especially in homes where no expense has been spared on feathers and sequins, like Gucci and Bottega), this quiet return to streamlined clothing is deafening in the best way. Here is included the loose denim trend that has been in fashion for seasons, paired with loose pumps, casual jackets and natural waves.

Our choice: Edgar GOLDSIGN Jeans

Goldsign’s clip-on jeans are everything you need to nail this autumnal fashion trend-with the exception of a stunning logo belt and a simple white top of your choice. Wear it without outerwear in early autumn, and then wear it with a short jacket or a long blazer as soon as the temperatures drop.

If You Like ruffles, Try 3D rosettes

All hail the rosette. The 3D flowers, which were on display for the first time at Copenhagen Fashion Week, add a touch of optimism to an otherwise restrained look. From sprout-centered buds at Prada to camellias at Chanel, these will be a boom in the fall—whether selected in small doses or completely over-indexed. (As we speak, our authors’ group discussions are full of ways to stylize the tricky pattern.)

Our Choice: Rose Saint Laurent Brooch

We have to give our flowers to Saint Laurent, whose rosette-length dresses and leather coats single-handedly revived this trend two seasons ago. The heritage brand sells stand-alone pin rosettes, which is so great that we’re a little crazy that we didn’t invent them first. Sounds exorbitant? Just think about all the ways you will wear it—whether you put on a little black dress or fasten it on the lapel of a square blazer.