Chanel Skincare Products You Need on Vanity

For nearly a century, Chanel has been a beacon of luxury and a benchmark for opulence in the beauty world. The fashion house first introduced its skincare line in 1927 with a tight 15-product collection. Fragrance and makeup would then take precedence for the next couple of decades—during which CHANEL No. 5 rose in fame to become one of the most iconic perfumes of all time—but it was the launch of Crème Sublimage that brought Chanel skincare to cult status.

Now, simply imagining a vanity full of black-and-white glass packaging is enough to make a girl salivate, but gone are the days of one-brand-only medicine cabinets. We’re astute shoppers, and innovation in skincare technology, too, has set new expectations: we’re not questioning the efficacy of heritage products, we’re simply asking the ever-present question:

Is Chanel skincare actually worth the splurge?

The answer is personal, of course, but the results never lie. And because we know that a makeup artist’s toolbox is the ultimate litmus test of what works, we enlisted the help of Chanel makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown to see what she is constantly looking for when preparing celebrity clients. Between your recommendations and our in-depth Tests, we have organized the edition of all the modifications – the non-negotiables. Nothing more, nothing less: simply the best Chanel skin care that is worth the investment.

CHANEL Sublimates The Balm

If you only buy one item, make it the Sublimage le Baume from Chanel’s iconic Sublimage line. Without Brown’s expertise, we might not have identified it as a Chanel staple from the start; she cites this texture-perfecting balm as a must-have for creating the perfect canvas. Harnessing the power of Vanilla Planifolia for its ability to visibly firm and firm the skin, this bestseller is superior and unlike anything else in the Chanel repertoire.

“[The Balm] is the definition of the plush,” she says (and we completely agree). “It’s a cozy balm that leaves The moisture where you put it.”It doesn’t slip (a dream for an impeccable foundation job), and Brown advises squeezing the balm into the skin before smoothing everything out. Without exaggeration, this is the most beautiful moisturizer for the face that we have tried so far. The formula melts beautifully-but instead of the usual moisture that we expect from a richer product, it is simply invigorating. The Balm blurs the appearance of lines and pores in the same way that the ultra-refined Planifolia Vanilla Extract helps to improve lines and texture.

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

This water-based serum is incredibly moisturizing, but somehow practically weightless. We would call it Magic, but at work, there is pure science: an Innovation from Chanel research that allows hyperconcentrated camellias to plump up the appearance of the skin thanks to a patented micro-droplet Technology. One or two pumps are enough to instantly revive tired or dehydrated skin.

Take it from Brown: “if you first prepare the skin with CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, then layer CHANEL Sublimage the Balm on top… Peckes from the chef. It is the ideal elegant texture for the skin.”This Duo leaves a velvety and supple skin. Visibly softer lines. Young bounce without shine. Delicious Skin. Try it with any other moisturizer in your Routine and you will also see and feel the difference. The addition of Hydra Beauty Micro Serum is one of those treatment modification steps that seem tiny but have the most impact.

CHANEL the 10 CHANEL Solution

For people with sensitive or stressed skin (or if you are like us: Always testing something new and desperately need to rebalance your skin), this is the solution. It is a moisturizing lotion specially designed to soothe skin irritations, which is why Brown always keeps this product in his Kit for post-makeup care.

At first glance, this product does not look particularly spectacular given the simplicity of its formula. However, if you know Chanel, the brand is thriving here.

“Any [traumatized] skin that you want to keep hydrated but not irritated, apply CHANEL la Solution 10 from CHANEL,” advises Brown. “It is composed of only 10 ingredients, formulated for sensitive skin and without perfume or parabens. It also helps to soothe the skin, aggravated by temporary aggressors.”Clinical trials show impressive results — such as a 55% reduction in skin-related discomfort – and although Chanel does not claim the following statement, we found it ideal for dry and redness-prone areas around the nose and on the cheeks. For those moments when your complexion craves comfort, Solution 10 is for you.

More Essentials from THE EDITOR: Chanel’s non-negotiable things

With the three products above, you will have a complete seasonal hydration routine from day to night. This brings us back to one of Brown’s first points: Chanel skincare is meant to simplify your Routine—never overload it.

The right combination of one or two of the above is the perfect base for a foundation-free look. (For us, it’s a touch of CHANEL’s Solution 10 on sensitive areas, then sublimates the Balm everywhere else.) The Blur Diffusion of the Balm works wonders, but combine it with strategic accents of Sublimage the Eye Concealer, an extension of the skin care range with more coverage, and you get the ultimate makeup without makeup. It is intended for the eye area, but the combination of color-correcting pigments with smoothing skin care technology looks awesome everywhere, especially where you tend to see active fine lines.

Finish things off with a few sweeps of the Essential Balm in Transparent. Technically, this highlighter stick is not part of the skin care range, but the translucent and moisturizing finish adds a subtle but impactful Dimension that contrasts exactly with the Sublimage le Baume finish. Pat it into your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the center of your eyelids to lift it immediately.

What makes CHANEL skin care so unique?

Beauty products have an undeniably useful aspect: we have a problem, whether it is maintenance or a specific concern, and we expect results. But at Chanel, skin care is not just a means to an end. It is conceived as an experiment: a marriage of scientific and sensory innovation, almost celebration, from the way the packaging opens to the sensation of each application. The latter is probably impossible to evaluate. Feeling comfortable is far from necessary, but nevertheless invaluable.

“For customers, Chanel means trust,” says Brown. (As someone who is closely and directly involved in preparing someone before their big Moment, she knows this firsthand.) “The quality and integrity of the Chanel house have created such a foundation of trust in the brand that the mere sight of the logo is a guarantee of expert care. Your mood is high because you know that you are about to get a high-quality luxury experience. Each new bottle is a moment of personal care, because you know that you are buying the best ingredients for your skin at Chanel. You feel the elegance of the packaging in your hand.”

She adds that Chanel beauty and skin care are the first foray into the brand for many. It is either an entry into the world of luxury, or an extension of it. You’re not supposed to accumulate everything — the brand certainly doesn’t expect you to-but rather Chanel asks you to manage a skincare wardrobe in the same way you would carefully organize your wardrobe. “Each skin care line is based on a targeted need,” says Brown. “This makes skin care choices less overwhelming and eliminates the guesswork when choosing a complete skin care regimen.”